Cashmere Blanket

Cashmere blankets are known the world over for their silken softness, ultra lightness, beauty, luxury and glamour.  They add splendor and elegance to your bedroom.

Production Centers

Cashmere wool is   produced in countries like Mongolia, Tibet, Afghanistan, India, China and Iran and exported to countries like Australia, New Zealand and Russia. The wool is harvested during the molting season and also manually sheared from the neck and under the belly areas of the high mountain sheep. Cashmere is also known as pashmina or pashm particularly in Iran and Afghanistan.

Cashmere wool when harvested is white, brown or gray in its natural state, but since it absorbs the dye easily, the manufacturers can make blankets in variegated colors and designs.

One reason why cashmere is suitable for blankets is that it can maintain temperature at comfortable level both during the summer and winter. It remains cool when the temperatures rises and warn when it falls. So you need not sweat or chill with cashmere blankets.

Tips for buying Cashmere Blankets

When you are buying cashmere blanket take care that its fibers are soft and long as the cold and harsh climates are conducive to the growth of longer wool. Cashmere blankets woven in Scotland are known to be of best quality. Moreover it is also advisable to compare at least two blankets to select the genuine one as the genuine cashmere feels soft and dense while the spurious blanket may be made of slightly coarser wool. Sometimes the fluffiness may confuse you for softness. Cashmere blankets are tightly textured.

Cashmere blankets impart palatial look even to a humble bedroom and allow you to spend at least a third of your otherwise difficult life in comfort and warmth.
Cashmere Blankets in Australia

You can buy cashmere blankets in Australia from ‘pink zebra’ a new retail fashion outlet on Sydney’s Oxford Street, Paddington which brings premium contemporary cashmere for the stylish young men and women. Another pink zebra store is located on Sydney’s lower north shore in the beautiful fashion centre, Chatswood Chase. Pink zebra is also planning to open more retail outlets for cashmere products in many other towns of Australia.