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Ways to wear a Pashmina

Pashmina, the finest, luxuriant, softest, and most beautiful Cashmere in the world, has been craved and treasured by royalty and common mass from ancient times. Today, it has grabbed the attention of all fashionable and stylish men and women and is a must in every lady’s wardrobe. A complete style and fashion craze, Pashmina is worn in different styles by all. Thus, there are different ways to wear a Pashmina.

Some ways to wear a Pashmina include wearing it as a headscarf, a wrap-round shawl, a sash, and shoulder drape, and many more.

Other ways to wear a Pashmina have also been shown on TV, especially in the Oprah show. Charla Krupp, who is the editor of the Glamour magazine, has presented five different types of ways to wear a Pashmina.

  1. Belt Style Pashmina
    First, the belt style Pashmina wear, which is especially suited for people with less prominent hips. This style requires us to wrap the Pashmina around our hips for a stylish and unique look.
  2. Full Shawl Pasmina Wrap
    The second style is the full shawl wrap around, which is wrapped around the shoulders and is ideal for keeping warmth and even exhibiting style with simplicity.
  3. Hollywood Pashmina Style
    The third style requires two Pashminas, which are intertwined and draped around the neck. This style looks very unique and stylish, especially with two different Pashminas around necks. This style is known as the Hollywood style.
  4. Pashmina Stole Style
    The fourth way to wear a Pashmina is the Pashmina stole style which is recommended for evening wear and looks beautiful when a beaded Pashmina is used.
  5. Nose Pashmina Wrap
    The fifth style is the nose wrap style.

Worn in any of the aforementioned styles, whether draped around or worn in style, Pashmina exhibits a sheen that nothing else can match. An embodiment of elegance and style, Pashmina remains the stylish apparel that is a must for every fashionable person’s attire.

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