Cashmere Cardigan

A Cashmere cardigan makes a fashion statement for its wearer besides providing the luxury of softness and warmth. Cashmere wool is considered the softest, warmest and the most expensive variety in the world. The name Cashmere is associated with the Indian state of Kashmir where this ultra soft wool is obtained by combing the bellies of the high mountain goats. Besides Kashmir region, Cashmere wool is also produced in Mongolia, Iran, Tibet and China. In the recent years Cashmere wool is also being produced by the American herders.

Since the Cashmere wool is now no more the exclusive produce of Kashmir and numerous other counties have started producing it, there is now a lot of competition among the suppliers and Cashmere cardigans are no more the exclusive preserve of the rich.

Colors and Designs of Cardigans

You can get 100 percent Cashmere V necks at the mid-range price of around 70 pounds a piece. The cardigans are available in as many as 11 colors. The men’s hooded sweater in grey and navy is just flying out of the shops because of the considerably cheaper rates. If you are very choosy and want to check scores of designs and colors before settling for one, you can log on to where the Scottish company has recently expanded its menswear offering. Bora cashmere uses natural dyes and is made in Scotland. Men’s’ hundred percent cashmere cardigans start at around 250 pounds.

Women's Cashmere Cardigans

Cashmere cardigans for women provide pure luxury and elegance. They have been woven into timeless fashions and are the perpetual favorites of women. You can get super chic turtleneck cardigan with double collars, or, cashmere cable cardigan that can be worn with print trousers and denim.

Other options available are the sleeveless or long-sleeved tee or short-sleeved contrast sweaters or scuba cardigans that can be paired with jeans, cotton sail pants, jackets and capris.

Cardigans in Australia

In Australia there are many stores including Royal Tag, Sierra Trading Post  that sell  cashmere cardigans under the brand names  such as  Tricots St. Raphael Cashmere Sweater, Toscano Cashmere Sweater — Houndstooth, Tricots St. Raphael V-Neck Sweater - Cashmere Herringbone, PYA Ultra-Fine Cashmere Cardigan Sweater  and many other brands  for men and women.

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