Cashmere Throw

The finest and softest wool in the world, originating from the valleys and high mountains of beautiful Kashmir, Cashmere remains the fashion craze of men and women all over the world. And made from this softest wool is the Cashmere throw—the warmest and beautiful woolen throws to be found in the world.

The purpose of a cashmere throw

Cashmere throws can be used for a variety of purposes. Suited to be used both as a wrap around blanket or a bed covering, Cashmere throws are available in different sizes and colours. Not only do Cashmere throws make homes more attractive, but also provide a comfortable and luxurious feeling to the beds.

Where does Cashmere come from?

Sheared from the finest hair or fur of the Himalayan goat, Capra hircus, which lives at an altitude of more than 11,000 ft above sea level, Cashmere throw is soft and luxurious, besides being warm and rare. With a fiber diameter of 19 microns, Cashmere remains the finest wool which creates truly finest Cashmere throws.

This mysterious and truly soft and warm Cashmere throws are created by the talented weavers who hand-weave them into different sizes and shapes, besides dyeing them in beautiful and mesmerizing pastel and rich dark shades.

Cashmere blanket wrap

As blanket wraps, Cashmere throws are ideal to snuggle at home or elsewhere. They can easily be tucked into a bag and carried around too. Cashmere throws when used as bed covers add an extra elegance to a room.

Ranging from 4-ply to 8-ply, Cashmere throws are available in a variety of sizes, thickness, and fineness too. Queen size, king size, and even baby size Cashmere throws are offered in the market.

Royal Cashmere

Today, Cashmere is not a rarity that was found only with royalty in earlier times; it is available to, sought by, and treasured by all fashionable men and women. Personifying beauty mingled with luxury, Cashmere throws are an asset for possessors; a priceless possession to treasure with pride for ever.