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Pashmina Wrap

Pashmina wrap, also called a pashmina stole or a shawl, is known for its delicacy, softness and warmth. A luxurious pashmina wrap makes an excellent fashion statement at any event, occasion or season of the year. A pashmina wrap breathes a new life into your wardrobe.

 A good quality pashmina wrap is as light as a feather. It is available in ring style, two-ply and three ply formations. Ring style is comfortable wear all the year round. It takes a very small space for its storage when it is folded. Regular two-ply pashmina wraps are a bit heavier than the ring style wraps. They are also excellent for all seasons. Three-ply pashmina wraps are, however, the most popular types. They are more substantial than the other two styles, but are not bulkier. They are wonderful for cooler climates.

With different print styles, a pashmina wrap is true works of art. A pashmina wrap is made by using a method called silk-screening. It is a stencil method of printmaking in which a design is imposed on a silkscreen or similar fine mesh. The blank areas of the design are coated with a substance that is impermeable, so no ink can go through. Then ink is pushed through the mesh onto the printing surface resulting in the desired design. The end result is a wonderful and vibrant print design. The designs and colors can be varied in distinctive combinations ranging from elegant traditional designs all the way to wildly sophisticated new looks.

Pashmina wraps are generally available in three sizes. The small wrap is 27"x72"; half wrap is 28"x80" and full wrap size is 36"x80.”

Both 100% pashmina wraps measuring 27" x 72" and 36" x 80" are available in black, baby blue, baby pink, scarlet red, purple, sapphire blue, lilac, winter white pale, pink, melon, lilac, sapphire blue and baby pink.

Since pashmina wraps are very costly, some unscrupulous companies have started marketing the man-made fabric called viscose as pashmina at very low rates. So if you want to buy a genuine pashmina wrap you should be careful about its quality, authenticity and price.

The cost of a pashmina wrap may range from $30 to hundreds of dollars a piece for a super high quality pure pashmina material.