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Nothing matches the exuberance and beauty of Pashmina. Spanning centuries, pashmina is a treasure that has been handed down to us from generations of people living in beautiful Kashmir.

Pashmina the historically fashionable accessory

With a history that can be traced back to 3000 years B.C., pashmina has always been a symbol of rarity, beauty, fashion, and status among the nobility in the East. After attracting attention of Europeans in the 18th century, Pashmina has gradually, yet steadily crept into the wardrobes of all fashionable ladies. Today, Pashmina is a fashion accessory has grabbed the attention of fashion magazines. It adorns and drapes ladies, creating an aura of beauty and status.

Regarded as a priceless possession by all, what exactly is Pashmina?

The word Pashmina has been derived from the Persian word ‘Pashm’ which means extremely fine inner wool of the Himalayan goat (Capra hircus) which resides in the cold mountain ranges, at an altitude above 10,000 ft. Pashmina with its fine texture, which is six times finer than a human hair, is always hand-woven by dedicated workers.

We specialise in pashmina wraps, which are available in different types and sizes. Ranging from pashmina shawls to pashmina scarves and Pashmina wraps, we specialise in pashminas that can be worn at any occasion, be it a small get-together to a big party or function. Pashmina wraps, pashmina shawls, pashmina scarves, are all available in different colours and different textures.

Owing to their invaluable status and high demand, Pashmina are often priced highly. However, we provide Pashmina shawls, wraps, scarves at the best price, bringing them from their original home: Kashmir.

Obtained by carefully combing and sheathing the fine hair of the goats, Pashmina is a symbol of rarity, beauty, and status. Also popularly known as ‘diamond fiber’ and the ‘soft gold of high Asia’, Pashmina is a rare gift from the East to the West, for us to cherish and treasure.